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These are some of the original songs that I have written (or, in some cases, co-written) over the years. Some were recorded in a ‘proper’ studio, and others in my basement (or in a friend’s kitchen!).

From Gold Ring Glinting (2012)

There’s Something You Can Do
Footprints in Your Mind (co-written with Peter Birkett)
Too Quiet
Maggie May (Cover)
To Have and Hold
Don’t Know Why (Cover)
The Garden

From Watch The Stars (2012)

I Shall Be Released (Cover)
Up the Junction (Cover)

From Five Journeymen (2014)

Red Haired Girl

From Webster-Fergusson (2014)

Edwards Bay
Too Close to the Sun

From Letters (2018)

Should Have Made You Stay
Life in the Underclass
One Foot on the Highway
Go With The Flow
Feelings Don’t Lie
I’ll Be Your Shelter
The Auld Triangle (cover)
Spencer the Rover (Trad.)

From The Kitchen Tapes (Webster-Fergusson, 2020)

Don’t Think of Me